December 2023

December 06 2023

YACHTSMAN - Wellcraft 355 Boat Review

November 2023

They are back! Wellcraft joined the Beneteau Group in 2014 and earlier this year launched the all-new 355 sport boat. For more than 60 years Wellcraft has been building multipupose offshore boats, and after a several year hiatus they are back in 2023 with the introduction of the 355.

December 06 2023

YACHTING NEWS - Wellcraft 435: power, luxury and comfort. The cruiser that pushes beyond all limits

Audacious, robust and extremely powerful, the new Wellcraft 435 performance cruiser is designed for those who always look for something more. A boat designed to push all the boundaries, performance and comfort offered by the best cruiser models on the market, seeking standards far beyond the average. For over 65 years, the well-known American brand Wellcraft has been manufacturing boats designed to push the limits of comfort, performance and style. Since 2014, after joining with Beneteau Group, it has wanted to overcome even geographical boundaries, gaining more and more relevance on the international market. The new Wellcraft 435 was born precisely to offer the possibility of meeting all the highest market demands and the toughest challenges, reaching levels never considered to be reached with a cruiser before. In fact, the new flagship pushes beyond the standards of the category, proclaiming itself as a boat to go anywhere and do anything with.

November 2023

November 30 2023

FIGARO NAUTISME (France) - Essai du Wellcraft 355 : un baroudeur, pêcheur, croiseur, dernier cri

Le chantier américain, célèbre pour sa gamme de Fisherman, propose de nouveaux horizons avec les Wellcraft 355 et 435 express cruisers. Sous l’égide du leader mondial, ces modèles express-sport cruisers étendent les horizons de la croisière ultra-rapide en haute mer. Nous avons essayé le 355 pour se persuader de la pertinence du nouveau dogme de la marque.
November 06 2023

PRESS RELEASE - Wellcraft Launches Four New Models!

Wellcraft, a legendary brand in the world of boats for over 65 years, continues its commitment to innovation and excellence. Today, the brand is proud to announce the grand reveal of its newly designed Fisherman Series and introduce the Wellcraft 435 in its first ever, World Premiere. The changes from the company are not just improvements; they represent a groundbreaking wave of innovation in the boating industry with a simple promise to redefine the rules of boating - and it begins at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – October 25th through the 29th, 2023.

July 2023

July 19 2023

BOAT BLURB - Wellcraft Goes Even Bigger with New Flagship 435

Wellcraft's new identity continues to take shape. A big piece of their popularity came courtesy of actor Don Johnson, who played the ultra-cool Sonny Crocket on TV's Miami Vice while driving a Wellcraft Scarab 38 KV into the mainstream. Since then, Wellcraft has been a stable, albeit quiet, boatbuilder. The first signs of a rebirth came in 2022 with the launch of the all-new Wellcraft 355. With a new vision and new style, the iconic brand continues to push boundaries with the launch of their new flagship Wellcraft 435.

June 2023

June 30 2023

PRESS RELEASE - Wellcraft Redefines Performance Cruisers with the Launch of the Wellcraft 435

Wellcraft continues to push the boundaries of Performance Cruisers with the introduction of its newest flagship, the Wellcraft 435. This rugged and capable boat is designed to withstand any weather and conquer any territory, making it the ultimate choice for boaters who demand the best while seeking their next adventures.

April 2023

April 24 2023

POWEBOAT & RIB - Report on the Wellcraft 355

As the “latest member of the Adventure Craft Club, the 335 is 'a driver’s delight!' Few sub-40-footers offer such a balance of versatility and performance.” This boat has a wide range of capabilities, responding to the toughest demands and meeting every challenge in its way.

March 2023

March 06 2023

BOATING MAGAZINE - Test the 2023 Wellcraft 355

Alchemy was the mythical medieval belief that you could turn a base metal, such as lead, into something rare, such as gold. And that’s exactly what Wellcraft has done with the introduction of its new 355. As a former Wellcraft Scarab owner, I can vouch that no Wellcraft was ever made of lead, but this boat has served notice that the new Wellcraft is pure gold.

January 2023

January 20 2023

PRESS RELEASE - Wellcraft Releases a New Game-Changer to Own the Offshore

In 2023, Wellcraft will push the limits further with the launch of its next Performance Cruiser – the company’s largest boat yet, the Wellcraft 435! Outlasting trends and extending its Performance Cruiser series, Wellcraft continues to enable boaters to conquer new adventures with the announcement of the all-new, Wellcraft 435.
January 12 2023

BOAT TEST.COM - Wellcraft 355 Captain's Report

New for 2023, the 355 leads Wellcraft in a new direction by creating a new, and beautifully crafted new adventure/performance boat that is nothing like any Wellcraft we’ve seen before. She has a decidedly Euro look and she’s designed to be used as either a day boat or adventure cruiser. Check out the full review!

June 2022

June 03 2022

PRESS RELEASE - Wellcraft Unveils the 355

The unrivaled versatility of Wellcraft owns the offshore with innovation and performance brought to the forefront with the Wellcraft 355.

For more information on the new Wellcraft 355 click the link below to download the official press release

May 2022

May 17 2022

PRESS RELEASE - Wellcraft, A Legendary Brand Moving To Push Limits

Known for its offshore fishing boats, Wellcraft is widening its offer with a new generation built for all adventures and in all types of weather. Outlasting trends, Wellcraft will enable boaters to conquer new territories, pushing the limits further than ever before.

Wellcraft welcomes you to discover a new chapter!

October 2019

October 02 2019

CADILLAC NEWS - 2020 Wellcraft Dealer Meeting

"The anecdote was an example of the brand messaging the company was delivering on behalf of the four U.S. brands: Four Winns is elegant and virtuous; Scarab is fun and exciting; Glastron is universal and Wellcraft is capable and robust, according to a slideshow the company showed boat dealers"

- Cadillac News

September 2019

September 16 2019

BEST OF BOATS - Best for Fishing Finalist: Wellcraft 352 Fisherman (International 2019)

A boat Best for Fishing, according to the Best of Boats jury, is seaworthy, has plenty of workspace and equipment like rod holders, fish tank and worktable, protection against sun or rain and preferably foldable furniture as well as a second helm station.

February 2019

February 08 2019

BOATING MAGAZINE - Tests the 2019 Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

"The 352 Fisherman represents the new flagship of the Wellcraft fleet, but it’s the blend of fishing features, luxurious comforts and performance of this triple-outboard-powered center-console that really impresses. It’s designed for serious angling on Saturday and cruising with family and friends on Sunday."

January 2019

January 08 2019

FISHTALK MAGAZINE - Reviews the 2019 Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

"The Wellcraft 352 Fisherman has 1200 horsepower strung across the transom, the coolest livewell we’ve seen in the past decade, and enough rod holders to satisfy the most crazed and ambitious spring trophy troller."

December 2018

December 13 2018

MOTEUR BOAT (France) - Announces the Wellcraft 302 Fisherman as a 2018 Boat of the Year

"In the end, the readers' jury selected 5 novelties from the 15 finalist boats tested. The winners were announced on Wednesday, December 12, at the Nautic of Paris during a very emotional evening."

November 2018

November 19 2018

SPORT FISHING MAGAZINE - Reviews the 2019 Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

From my vantage point across the marina, Wellcraft’s new 352 Fisherman appeared every bit a ­serious angling machine, replete with a tower, outriggers and abundant rod holders. Yet...

October 2018

October 23 2018

BOATING MAGAZINE - Reviews the 2019 Wellcraft 352 Fisherman

"The highly-anticipated 352 Fisherman from Wellcraft unquestionably takes Center Console boating to the next level. Her protocol demands luxury, promises performance, and when it comes to hunting big game, there’s no doubt that she’s the alpha."

August 2018

August 13 2018

BOAT SALES (Australia) - Reviews the 2018 Wellcraft 182 Fisherman

"The Wellcraft 182 Fisherman is a practical, versatile centre console open boat for family boating and coastal fishing. It is compact, easy to manage on the launch ramp, economical to run, and a breeze to tow behind mid-sized family cars and SUVs."

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